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CISA Terry Fox Run


Terry Fox Run is a charity created by the Canadian national hero Terry Fox. Terry Fox was forced to amputate his right leg due to bone Cancer at the age of 18. Since then, Terry wanted to contribute to the cause of Cancer in finding a cure, so he began his cross-Canada long distance run in April 1980. He ran a full marathon every day that lasted for 143 days using his courage and effort to raise money for Cancer research. He had also hoped to evoke people’s attention to the significance of Cancer and in finding a cure. But in September of the same year his health suddenly deteriorated and his cancer spread causing him to return to the hospital for treatment. The Canadian population prayed and hoped for his recovery in order to be able to finish his heroic run. However, Terry Fox passed away eight months later. 

During his run, Terry had hoped that every Canadian would voluntarily donate one dollar for Cancer research. One year after his death, his “Hope Marathon” was organized again and raised $24 million achieving his dream of having every Canadian donating one dollar towards Cancer research. Since 1980, the Terry Fox Foundation has held runs around the world raising more than $600 million. 


This year the 38th annual Terry Fox Run was held. I led the International High School staff and students during the Terry Fox Run. On September 16th at 10 am in the morning, the teachers and the students led by the principal arrived at the sports ground located on Yonge & Steeles. After a simple warm-up the event had officially began. In the end, Juncen Liu was the most persistent and the first one to run ten laps. After the event was over the students and teachers participating the event enjoyed pizza and pop provided by the school. 

In the post-event interview, Juncen said: “This event had made me feel unparalleled satisfaction. Not only because I was first to complete the run but also participating in such an important charity event. This is something to be proud of. It seems that I have fulfilled an important task for me and all Canadians.” Other students also expressed the hope that there will be more opportunities to participate in various community service activities in the future. With community service you are learning new skills and reflecting on your own values but it also helps those who are in need of help. These experiences can help lay a foundation for future work and study. Students who had participated in the event were given five-hours toward their community involvement hours.


The Ontario Ministry of Education required that every Ontario high school student to complete 40 hours of community involvement. The purpose of community involvement is to encourage students to understand civic responsibility through practice and to understand the role of citizens in serving and supporting the community. It not only helps students understand the needs of communities but also enhances the community while helping others.