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Canadian Universities Reduce Tuition Fees for International PhD Students

The University of Toronto announced starting fall 2018, most PhD students will have the same tuition fee as local students. After this news, Western University also announced the reduction in tuition fees for PhD students. Although they have not announced the specific reduction but the school has said that international PhD students will pay the same tuition fees as domestic students. According to Western University’s official website, the average tuition fee for domestic PhD students is $6,990 while international students pay about three times more than the domestic students at about $21,078.

Another University, York University has also announced the reduction in tuition fees for international students in a bet to attract more students. Recently, University of Ottawa in order to attract more students has also announced the reduction in tuition fees for international PhD students to the same level of domestic students. According to their website, international students pay $5,444.72 while domestic students pay around $2,357.99. Generally speaking, when students receive a formal offer, they will also see the full tuition fee for one academic year and how the payment will be made.

If you are still unclear about this process you can visit the University website for more information. International students can apply for scholarships as soon as possible to help with the tuition payment.  Most universities, such as University of British Columbia (UBC), Simon Fraser University (SFU), and BCIT students can receive admission scholarships and grants.