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Application Process
(For International Students Only. Local students please contact our school offices for registration)

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  • Fill in the Application Form

    Thank you for choosing Convoy International Secondary Academy! Once the Application Form is filled out a faculty member will follow up the with student’s application. The application fee of $500 CAD will not be refunded under any circumstance. (Refer to Refund Policy for details).
  • Interview

    The staff will arrange an interview with the student. If the student is international, the interview will be conducted over video calling such as Skype. The purpose of this interview is to provide the staff with a better understanding of students circumstance, arrange home stay and to create a study plan.
  • Sign the Agreement (for Elite Program Only)

    After the student’s study place has been established, sign the Convoy International Secondary Academy Elite Program Agreement.
  • Pre-admission Notice

    CISA sends pre-admission notice. Upon receiving, students will prepare their first-year tuition fees.
  • Tuition Fee

    The student will be required to pay the tuition in full for the first academic year. If the student is unable to attend class due to the rejection of study visa from immigration, the paid tuition fee will be refunded.
  • Letter of Acceptance

    Upon receiving tuition payment, Convoy International Secondary Academy will issue a formal letter of enrolment and receipt, allowing the student to prepare material for their visa application.
  • Accommodation Application

    The student fills in the application form for accommodation. Staff will arrange homestay or student dormitory according to the student’s chosen program and living preferences. After arrangement is settled, the student will pay a deposit for homestay or first-year dormitory fee. If the student is unable to attend our school due to visa problems, the deposit of the homestay will be refunded after deducting $200 CAD handling fee (charged by the host family) while the school dormitory fee will be refunded in full.
  • Visa Application

    Prepare Visa application documents and submit to Canadian Visa Application Center.
  • Arrival

    The student informs the staff the date and time of flight arrival in Toronto as soon as the flight ticket is booked. We suggest students arrive at school 1-week prior to the beginning of their courses. Please make sure to bring your original letter of enrolment and student Visa upon arrival in Canada. Our staff will be waiting for your arrival at the international terminal exit.
  • Orientation

    Students are required to come to the school at the prescribed time to attend the Orientation Program, pay the balance (if any), and select courses with the help of teachers. Our staff will guide students to apply for mobile phone cards and bankcards, familiarize themselves with the school environment, and prepare for the beginning of the new semester.
  • Refund Policy
    1.  The $500 CAD application fee is non-refundable.
    2.  International students who are planning to obtain their student visa through Convoy International Secondary Academy will be granted a refund only in the case of rejection by the relevant embassy occurs. In such cases, the office will retain a non-refundable administrative fee of $500 CAD and refund the remaining paid fees by cheque, payable to student. In order to be issued this refund, students must provide an original document from the embassy confirming rejection of student visa within three months from the rejection date. Students who obtain their visas are not eligible for any refunds and are required to complete their courses at Convoy International Secondary Academy.
    3.  In the event that a Letter of Acceptance is issued on behalf of a student for visa or passport extension purposes, there will be no tuition refund unless the extension is rejected. Proof from Canadian Immigration or Embassies must be provided in order to receive a refund.
    4.  A refund of paid tuition fees will not be granted if the student is found in violation of school regulations and policies resulting in the withdrawal from this school.
    5.  If a student decides to drop a course for a valid reason before or within the first week of the semester, the tuition fee will be credited for the next semester. If the student drops out after two weeks (courses drop deadline), there will be no refund.
    6.  The student is expected to maintain good attendance and participate in class for 110 hours in order to acquire a credit. If he/she misses 3 classes or 10 hours, he/she may be required to drop the course and no refund will be issued.
    7.  All fees are non-transferable under any circumstance.