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ON, L3T 0C4, Canada

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Student Reviews

Shuai Zhang

Each teacher has their own style of teaching allowing us to participate and lead classroom discussions. I found that some teachers like to use outside material such as videos to help us understand and discuss what we have learned in class. Although my English was not so good, the videos used in class really helped me understand the lesson! Of course, like most schools we had homework, tests, quizzes, midterm exams and final exams that determined our final grade in the course. But, I found the school and teachers to be very helpful in giving me feedback on what I could improve and work on. With their help I was able to get into my University of choice!

Yuxin Ren

When I first came to this school I wasn’t used to the culture and atmosphere but after four weeks I was able to adapt. I had transferred from China to Canada so I had to learn how I could get along with my classmates and the different personalities they had. I was able to get along with my classmates and teachers by communicating with them allowing them to understand my personality while also understanding who they are. One advice I have is, don’t be afraid to let go a little bit and have fun making new friends.

Mehrshad Farrokh

I’m an international student from Iran and I decided to continue my high school education at Convoy International Secondary Academy in Canada. From the very beginning I felt very welcomed from the teacher and staff at this school. I found the staff to be very helpful in helping me pick out the right courses while also helping me get settled into this new country. The teachers at this school were amazing. They were able to explain and teach the lessons in a way that I was able to fully understand and if I needed extra help I was able to receive it after school. With the teachers and staff, I was able to get into my top three University choices.

Andy Xu

Learning a new language has always been tough for me. Before I came to Canada I prepared for the IELTS test but I only got a score of 5. When I arrived in Canada I complained about the teaching styles when it comes to the English language. I barely understood what the teacher said in class. When I started grade 10, I didn’t pay much attention to what was happening in class. The pressure was too much and I just wanted to go back home. What surprised me is that the teacher noticed the pressure that I was under and came up with a plan to solve my problem. The teacher encouraged me to talk with my classmates and ask for help when I needed it. After one semester, my English language skills improved a lot. I was able to understand what the teacher said during lessons and communicate with my classmate.

Hailey Mallette

During my grade 12 year at public school I was very unhappy with the final mark that I got in calculus (MCV4U). I wanted to upgrade my calculus mark so I decided to retake the course at Convoy International Secondary Academy. I was very surprised to see the teachers knew all the students by name unlike the public-school teachers. With the teachers help I was able to get 95% in the course. Because of this I recommended this school to all of my friends in public school. With the help of Convoy International Secondary Academy, I was able to improve my average when applying for University programs!

Chris Zeng

'When I got my study visa and ticket I was so excited and a little scared moving to a country I have never been. But I was ready for the new journey abroad. At first my English language skills were not that good and I was a little confused about what I wanted to do in the future. I didn’t know much about the school and the way of life in this new country. One week before my trip I received an email from the counsellor at the school. In the email the counsellor wrote that he has many years of experience helping students transition when they immigrate to Canada. The counsellor not only provided me tips and what to do when you move to a new country but he also helped me with the application process, what to do when you enter the country so my parents could be at ease that they were unable to come with me. This was the first step that helped me discover new experiences.