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Credit Transfer

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Convoy International Secondary Academy accepts students from grade 9 - grade 12. The courses taken outside Canada can be converted into credits recognized by the Ontario secondary school system. The Ontario Ministry of Education has clear requirements for the maximum numbers of transferable credits for different grades.

  • What credits can be transferred

    Due to the difference in curriculum of secondary schools around the world, the staff will transfer as many credits as possible according to the guide lines of the Ontario secondary school curriculum based on the transcript obtained.

  • What courses are most important when applying for a University program

    For international students who aspire to apply for Canadian universities, if they obtain an Ontario high school diploma, they can apply for Canadian universities in accordance with the local high school graduate admission criteria. The scores obtained in grade 12 play the most important role in university applications, especially in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Science students) / Economics (Liberal Arts students). Therefore, study in grade 9-11 must lay a good foundation for these disciplines.

    In addition, foreign students who have studied in Canada for less than four years still need to provide IELTS scores. It is an important requirement for foreign students to apply for prestigious universities in Canada and around the world. Convoy International Secondary Academy offers corresponding courses every semester according to the requirement of Ontario Ministry of Education to help students learn step by step in order to achieve high academic performance; high-quality ESL and IELTS courses enable foreign students to improve their English proficiency in an all-round way.